Action Pistol Clinic October 11, 2020

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This will be the final clinic of the year and will be in a small group setting with a low round-count.

This training will take place entirely on the range and address drawing, firing and reloading a handgun.

Participants need to understand the basics of loading, drawing and firing a pistol.  In addition, they must understand and agree to abide by the Four Rules of Gun Safety.

For this clinic you will need:

  • Eye and Ear Protection (I recommend electronic ear protection if you have difficulty hearing)
  • A pistol with at least three magazines
  • A holster on the strongside of your body and a belt to hold it
  • Two magazine pouches on the support side
  • 100 rounds of ammunition

The clinic will be held on Sunday, October 11th on the Porasky Range from 8a to 3p.  The class will be run in groups of four students.  Exact starting and ending times will be determined after registration.  The clinic costs $60 and covers Club fees and targets.

This class is open to Club members and their guests.  You must register using the form below and be confirmed to attend.

Please contact Adam Metcalf @ [email protected]or 703-772-5814 for more information.

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