VCDL Lobby Day Monday, January 18 2021


VCDL Lobby Day is Monday, January 18 2021.   As well published in this column, and in the VCDL e-mail publications, the format for Lobby Day has changed.  The new format is a drive-by personal car caravan format, having four major caravans traverse through the government section of Richmond at staggered times.

The full logistics plan is found here.

Our caravan is the “Fairfax” caravan, which travels down 95 South in the morning of 18 JAN. Joining the caravan in your vehicle is possible in one of two easy methods.

  1. The first is to join the caravan at the start point at the Fairfax County Government Center, 12000 Government Center Parkway early enough for a 0950AM departure.
  2. The second is to join the caravan at the Dale City rest center on 95 South.  The caravan will drive by, but not stop at the rest center approximately 1045AM.  Somehow, TBD, you will get a warning message that the caravan is approaching, which is your signal to get your people to the car and get ready to go

For the first option, arrive at the Fairfax County Government Center at approximately 0900AM. Communications are easier, and for option #2 you will need to merge onto 95 South.

Questions can be referred to either VCDL or Your Friendly Neighborhood Legislative Affairs Committee at [email protected]