Thoughts from the Pro Shop June 30, 3022


Thoughts from the Pro Shop

Greetings shooters. Just a couple things as we get ready for July and celebrate our independence. Perhaps more important now than ever before.


As I’ve mentioned, our first reloading shipment is coming in this week. It’s a start and it isn’t everything. We have 3 more open orders for powder, primers, wads, and shot. We cancelled our first order because pricing was >25% greater than retail. Something I won’t pass onto the members. This first order isn’t complete, or a knock-your-socks-off value. But it is competitive, and it will be here. More is coming, here is what will be here for Saturday:

  • Claybuster 12 Ga Federal 12SO Shotshell Wad (500) – 8 Bags
  • Claybuster 20 Ga Winchester AA 20 Shotshell Wads (500) – 6 Bags
  • Claybuster 410HS Shotshell Wad 1/2 Oz (500) – 3 Bags
  • Claybuster 12 Ga Winchester AA 12R Shotshell Wad (500) – 3 Bags
  • Hodgdon H110 – HODGDON H110 1# — 4 1# Bottles
  • Hodgdon Longshot – Smokeless Powder for Shot – 4 1lb. Bottles
  • Winchester 572 – Ball Propellent – 2 1lb. Bottles
  • Winchester 296 – Ball Propellent/Handgun/410 – 2 1lb. Bottles
  • Ramshot Competition – RAMSHOT COMPETITION 12 OZ Bottles – 8 12oz. Bottles
  • CCI #400 Small Rifle Primers (1000 ct box) (100 Primers per Sale Pack)

In the Market?

Are you considering the purchase of a new firearm or shooting accessory from an online source? Patriot Arms has a distribution agreement with most manufacturers and their distributors. We can usually find what you are looking for from one of these sources and pass that savings onto our members.

We will even establish a new retail account with other vendors in an effort to get you the best pricing.

Give me a ring and let me know what you’re looking for and I can let you know about availability and pricing!

Authorized Dealers

I am proud to announce that we have just added Wilson Combat and Leupold to our list of Authorized Dealers and just today became a distributor for G-Code products. They make a wide range of high-quality gear. Their belts and holsters are top notch! You can check them out at

Bulk Purchasing

We are ready to help a group of buyers too! Remember those large group buys may save you a percentage off retail, but our goal is to buy at distributor pricing. That can mean even more savings for the group while helping the Pro Shop too. If you’re considering putting something like that together, please stop in!

NFA Items

Remember Patriot Arms is a licensed Class 7 FFL (Manufacturing) as well as a Special Occupational Tax (SOT) holder. We have access to ATF eForms for your Form 4s which are running around <90 days or better right now.

We have access to a wide range of NFA items and related components from most leading manufacturers. We are happy to work with you and determine a configuration that works best for your application.

In addition to the NFA items we have from manufacturers and distributors (held on an ATF Form 3) we have several NFA items available for a trust-to-trust or trust-to-individual transfer as well. These items are new and discounted but must use the paper Form 4 process (ATF rules) as they have been previously registered (hold a Tax Stamp).

We are exceptionally well versed in the ATF National Firearms Act Handbook and especially familiar with Chapters 3, Registration of NFA Firearms; 7, Manufacturing NFA Firearms, and 9, Transfers of NFA Firearms.

If you have questions, let us know. We’ll give you the right answer, Chapter and Verse. Don’t be swayed by bad scoop.

Mailing List

Sign up for the Pro Shop’s email list here:

Store Polices

One month in (almost) and it’s worth re-stating our major polices. These are posted in the shop, summarized on your receipt, and can be found on the Club Pro Shop web page of FXRGC here: and our website: Sometimes we update them. These policies apply to anyone doing business with the Patriot Arms Pro Shop. Please visit the website for complete details. Here are some highlights:

• All sales of Firearms, Ammunition, and Reloading Supplies (including but not limited to – powder, primer, wads, shot, lead, brass, caps, shells, bullets, etc.) are final. No exceptions.
• If the ATF denies your application for an NFA item(s) (except for a correctable error), you will receive a full refund of the amount paid, less the credit card fee.
• If you abandon your NFA purchase and do not submit your appropriate ATF form(s), you will receive a refund of the amount paid, less the credit card fee and a 10% administrative fee.