Legislative Affairs Committee Update


Here is a summary of the bills that remain in play in this legislation session in Richmond:

  • SB138 prohibits firearms in Capitol Square and in state government buildings. This bill s pointed at VCDL Lobby Day and other such events.
  • HB1909 allows a school board to make their buildings and meeting rooms “gun-free” zones. The effect is that local school boards can make their offices fit under the same gun rules as schools.
  • HB1992 takes away a person’s gun rights for a conviction of misdemeanor domestic violence. While a noble cause, this bill creates an overlay problem with existing Federal legislation
  • HB2081 makes it illegal to possess a firearm within 40 feet of a polling place.
  • HB2276, Simon, dealing with “plastic guns” was updated in committee. It now prohibits purchasing, selling, offering to sell, transferring, etc. an unserialized homemade gun. This bill is pointed to 80% lower style of guns.
  • While these bills are serious, what is conspicuously missing is legislation on high capacity magazines and AR rifle constraints. With the expected closing date for this legislative session on 287 FEB, it is too late for new bills.

On the Federal level, with the impeachment behind us, special interest groups of a liberal nature will be turning their attention to Federal level bills restricting our 2A rights. Such bills are clearly within these several special interest group’s wish list.

Thank you,

Your Friendly Neighborhood Legislative Affairs Committee