Legislative Affairs Committee Update


Here’s this week’s update from your Friendly Neighborhood Legislative Affairs Committee.   The Virginia General Assembly has completed its marathon special session without action on the three 2A bills under consideration:

  1. Legislative Updates
  2. Finding Your elected representatives, both State and Federal
  3. VCDL Lobby Day

1. Legislative Updates

Both Houses completed business on Friday with all three bills we have been tracking referred to their respective Committees on Public Safety.  Those bills are HB5020, SB5041, and HB5024.  There they will remain until the January 2021 General Assembly session.

As the General Assembly is not in session now, this legislative update will move to a monthly format.

2.  Finding Your elected representatives, both State and Federal.

Your state representatives should hear from you! Both emails and phone calls remain your best options. Not sure who your state representatives are?  Find out through this link.  https://whosmy.virginiageneralassembly.gov/

3.  VCDL Lobby Day is January 18th.   Stand by for updates as available.

Thanks from Your Friendly Neighborhood FRGC Legislative Affairs Committee.