Club COVID-19 Update 28 DEC 2020

A quick on-line search will reveal the 2019 Virginia population is 8.536 million, there have been 28,940 Covid-19 patients that have been released from Virginia hospitals, there are 2,240 patients hospitalized with Covid-19, 337 patients hospitalized with Covid tests pending, 3,008 ventilators statewide, 988 ventilators in use, and 294 patients on a ventilator and diagnosed with Covid-19.
Virginia Executive Order No. 72 (EO-72) “COMMONSENSE SURGE RESTRICTIONS; CERTAIN TEMPORARY RESTRICTIONS DUE TO NOVEL CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)” notes 4.4 hospitalizations per 100,000 people for Covid-19. Based on the population and hospitalization numbers above that translates to about 376 people statewide that have Covid-19 and are hospitalized which is in alignment with the data above from the Virginia hospitals web site.
EO-72 notes a modified Stay at Home Order between 12:00am and 5:00am. This has no impact on the Club as our ranges and operations are closed during these hours.
It is important to note EO-72 advises “Any business not listed in Section II, subsections A or C below must adhere to the Guidelines for All Business Sectors expressly incorporated by reference herein as best practices”. The Club is not a business, and we are not identified in either subsection A or C. As such, the Club follows the Guidelines for All Business Sectors and the relevant portions of that document that pertain to our operations.
Campgrounds: if you are camping at the Club you need to be with family or in a small group, and practicing the use of masks and social distancing. EO-72 notes limiting to 10 people per area, but does not define what constitutes an area. It would seem a reasonable amount of separation between campsite tents is reasonable as we are a private facility and have limited camp sites (Laurel Hill, by Bull Run, the archery field, and the sites by the shotgun fields). We allow “primitive camping” from the Birmingham Gate entrance and that is primarily the scouts. That offers a lot of separation.
The Club canteen will continue to operate under previous guidelines, with social distancing.
Much of the Club is an outdoor sports facility. The guidance is 10 feet of separation except where necessary for the physical safety of an individual e.g. begin close enough to hear range commands such as “pull” or “Make the Line Safe”. EO-72 references Occupancy Load for governance, and our ranges already have that built in via the number of firing points which provides separation.
The indoor airgun range must practice social distancing or wear a mask if closer than the guideline.
The Pro Shop remains to have the ability to be open per previous guidelines.
Per Club Articles of Incorporation and Club By-laws members are allowed the use of the facilities, and Active members are essentially Owners. It would seem all members have the Corporate right to come to their Club; please ensure you practice commonsense social distancing and use of a mask if applicable to the situation.
Regarding the Annual Membership Meeting, the Virginia Guidelines for All Business Sectors, and more specifically Guidelines for Social Gatherings note:
  • When in-person meetings need to occur, keep meetings as short as possible, limit the number of employees (sic) in attendance, and use physical distancing practices.
  • Attendees should leave as quickly as possible following the event in order to limit contact and exposure to themselves and other attendees.
  • Private events may be held at venues provided they can comply with these guidelines.
At present the Club Annual Membership Meeting is scheduled to take place in the clubhouse with social distancing and masks are mandatory. This remains under review with the Club Board of Directors and a determination will be made at the January Board meeting.
Please practice handwashing, social distancing, and the use of masks when needed. Working together we will keep all of us safe.
Thank you