Club Operations and COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 presents significant challenges on all fronts, and Fairfax Rod & Gun Club continues to align itself with Virginia, and Federal, guidelines to work in concert to defeat this virus. Phase I for northern Virginia began May 29th and is 2 weeks behind the rest of Virginia. Phase II for northern Virginia is expected to start June 19th. Following this State governance, Club events are cancelled, and the Canteen remains closed through June 19th. For Club operations in anticipation of Phase II starting June 19th:


  • Posting of signage to follow social distancing principles as described by the Virginia Department of Health, and the CDC guidelines, noting Personal Protection Equipment (” PPE”; mask, gloves, personal hand sanitizer as warranted).
  • Resume Canteen operations to the best ‘normalcy’ we can achieve. This consists of all of us performing best practices for social distancing, hand washing, a minimum of 6 ft. of separation between tables, and a greater distance from the Canteen counter. Additional tables will be set up in our banquet hall area for dining separation while enabling our members the ability to utilize our Canteen and share in the camaraderie of breaking bread together. Please understand there may be reduced Menu options due to COVID-19 and the unknown impact on food availability.
  • The Pro Shop remains open via appointment only. Please contact Dutch (703) 986-3642 to schedule, and social distancing applies. No more than 4 people in the Pro Shop, this is someone behind the register, someone at checkout in front of the register, and one person in each of the aisles as there is no means to achieve social distancing “squeezing by” someone in an aisle. Dutch reiterated social distancing, so please follow this.
  • On the ranges and shotgun fields, practice social distancing and if warranted, wear a mask. Stay in your personal comfort zone. If wearing a mask and/or gloves helps you get out and participate then that is what you need to do. If postponing attending makes more sense to you that is what you should do. Everyone needs to respect our individual choices. We live with risk every day such as driving to the store; practice safe habits and live within your safety zone.
  • While we do our best to keep our facilities clean, please be aware the environment is not sterilized. We are each responsible for best practices.

Several members have expressed their appreciation for our Club remaining open. We are a unique institution and fall within several COVID-19 guidelines. We are a private Corporation, an outdoor shooting facility (indoor air rifle and air pistol must practice the minimum of 6 ft. of separation), a recreational facility [again, outdoor], and our Canteen and Pro Shop guidance is noted above. Fishing at Lake Cotting, exercise social distancing.

Match Directors: ensure social distancing on the respective firing lines and advise participants to keep apart, use a mask if in close proximity or if it feels good, and use hand sanitizer and/or wash hands as applicable. This includes shotgun events. Shotgun leagues are within our Corporation and member-available events. Six or eight folks in open air on a shotgun field is within Virginia operating principles if you do not cluster. Be smart, act smart, and let’s get through this. Registered shoots are tricky as there is a lot of public scrutiny for these. Let us talk these over in advance and see if the event qualifies as operating within the constraints we must live with right now. With a proper plan in place we will be able to operate to the highest degree feasible.

In closing, the Helping Hands auction is scheduled for Saturday, June 27th. Plan on wearing a mask, and we may hold this at the Benson Range weather permitting so be flexible! Remember- no tax, no house fee, and proceeds go to the Estate. July 1st is right around the corner for the non-existent “Loophole”.

Stay safe,

Jeff Bolster, President FR&GC