BATFE Pistol Brace Comment Period


The BATFE is preparing a proposed regulation to make the determination of whether a gun is a pistol with a brace or is a short barreled rifle or shotgun.

The immediate impact is a potential felony penalty for owners of a pistol with a brace!

If encroachment on your 2A rights is of interest, this is the time to submit your comments to the BATFE.  You can do so during this very short public comment period by following this link.  Hit the “Submit a Formal Comment” link on the page on the upper right hand corner.

Additional guidance s found on the VCDL page at this link:

Legislative Affairs Committee Note – IMPORTANT:  keep your comments polite and factual.  Sending profanity or disparaging remarks will mean your comment won’t even be considered.

Thank you,

Your Friendly Neighborhood Legislative Affairs Committee