August 2021 2G-ACM Match Results


We had a total of 35 shooters attend (25% Club member attendance); only a few last minute cancellations due to work or storm damage. The rain continued to hold off during the day, though the previous night’s rain left everything very muddy. Fun times!

Division Winners:

  • Armored – Thomas Keshel
  • Open – Mike Hubbard
  • Tac Limited – Corey Poores
  • Tac Scope – Scott Butler
  • Tac Irons – Tony Moller
  • Manual – Bryce Dial

Again we had a number of new shooters to the match – some experienced shooters, some new to the 2-Gun Action Challenge sport. We hope to see you at future matches.

Full scores can be seen here:

Our next match is scheduled for September 12th. See the 2G-ACM Club page here to keep up to date on match status, registration and score links (

Tony Moller, 2G-ACM Match Director