An absolutely frightening-looking person walks toward you on the street.  He says to you that you need to “stop looking at him funny and disrespecting him or he will f— you up.”  When you hesitate for just a moment, surprised at the whole situation, he lifts up his sweatshirt with his left hand and makes a move with his right hand toward his waistband, as if reaching for a weapon.

You’ve had enough, you pull your concealed carry 9 mm semi-auto, and fire three shots into his chest.  Down he goes, and you hear sirens approaching.  When the police arrive a few minutes later, they disarm and cuff you, and inspect the dead body on the ground before you.  The police officers don’t find any weapons, but they do find a note in the attacker’s right waistband.  It says that he was fed up with people looking at him strangely and wanted it to stop.

Were you justified in deploying your firearm and shooting this person?

Was it lawful self-defense, or are you going to prison for committing second degree murder?

What, if anything, should you say to the police on the scene?

How are you going to pay for this mess?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you need to register for Steve Sulzer’s online course:  “The Legal Use of Firearms for Self-Defense in Virginia – When the Defensive Use of Firearms Is Permissible and How to Win the Legal Battle That Will Follow.”

Mr. Sulzer will be presenting the course live online via the Zoom webinar platform on Saturday, May 30, 2020, from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.  The cost for the course is $100 per person – a $50 discount off the $150 course fee to the general public.  Payment can be made by personal check payable to Stephen L. Sulzer PLLC and sent to 10903 Beach Mill Road, Great Falls, VA  22066.

Not sure the course will be worthwhile?  Here are representative comments from FRGC members who have attended Mr. Sulzer’s course at the club:

“This is a fabulous course!”  “Well-informed instructor. Clear takeaways, useful vignettes to illustrate points.  Great course, very informative.”  “Realistic explanation of reality and process.”  “Smooth, well laid out, well spoken.”  “Extremely well organized.  Excellent content.”  “Very complete – lots of good examples.  Thank you for a great job.”

The course is taught by Stephen L. Sulzer, a highly-respected attorney with 39 years of legal experience and special expertise in the law of self-defense in Virginia.  He is also an NRA-certified pistol instructor, has held a Virginia concealed carry permit for more than 20 years, has ten years of competitive shooting experience, and is a long-time FRGC member.

You can sign up for the course by communicating directly with Mr. Sulzer via email at [email protected] or by calling him at 703-899-2903.