1911/2011 Pistol Shooting Class


The Education Committee, along with Club member Tim Florio, have arranged for Hilton Yam of 10-8 Performance, to deliver a 1911/2011 shooting class:

“This fast paced class is designed to teach shooters the proper manual of arms of the 1911/2011 pistol. Class will include lecture on technical aspects of the 1911/2011, information on maintenance, and intensive drill sets to develop skill with the operation and manipulation of the 1911/2011.”

Class will be held on October 8th and 9th, 2020, on the Culver Range, and will be limited to 16 shooters. Registration is first-come-first-served, with Club members getting a 30 day lead to register before the general public.

Club members can register here:

Please direct any questions to the Education Committee at [email protected]