Sunday Jan 16 War Rifle Match Status

Hi All –  I have been receiving notices today about canceling the match on Sunday.  I really don’t want to do that because contrary to the notifications I’ve received from a few people, my weather notification that I use, (Weather Bug) continues to declare that snow will not arrive on Sunday until 1 p.m.  Now, I realize that isn’t absolute, but I’ve found them to be reasonably accurate.
  Here is what I plan relating to the War Rifle Match.  I plan to have the match providing there is no snow here on the roads by 7:30a.m. which is the time I usually start for the range on match day.  If there is snow, I’ll send an email to everyone advising them the match is canceled.  I’ll send it right around 7:45.  This will only be if the match is canceled.  If there is no email from me, the match is on.
  Now, if the match starts, and the snow begins, the temperature will be such that the snow will stick as the day will be very cold.  So the match will be called and stopped when we determine the snow is sticking.   Depending on how much we have fired, I’ll name the winners, hand out the awards, and we will return home.  I’d say we will know who is ahead after the first relay, if it is necessary to stop.
  The egg shoots will continue between every 2nd relay till we can’t shoot or we are done the match.
  The reason I am being evidently stubborn about the weather is because this match has never been canceled.  Nearly every year there has been some threat of snow or other winter weather, and it never shows up!  It would be a disappointment to cancel the match, then have no weather.
  So this is my plan.  My suggestion to everyone is to do what you think is safe for you.  If you believe getting to the match, or getting back home won’t be safe, then don’t come.  Your life is worth much more than a shooting match.
   Let’s all be safe on Sunday.
Roger Estes