July 25, 2021 Bud Meyer Black Powder Silhouette Shoot

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Weather was nice, somewhat overcast and a bit humid.  Got a lot hotter and humid later in the afternoon, but we were done by then.  12 shooters turned out for the match, we welcomed back Skip and Owen.  We had a nice, laid back match and had three round ball shooters this time.

First prize went to Bob Bloyer with a 22.  This is the first time in my memory (possibly a bit shorter than some of our longer-term participants) that a round ball shooter has won the match.  Bob beat out Jan Herman for first place.  Both shot a nice score of 22.  However, Bob hit 9 Bears in a row to break the tie.  He did hit that missed 10th bear on his 11th shot (and no, it didn’t count then).

Mike Moss had his usual, some new, excuses for his low score but that doesn’t change the fact that Corinne beat him.  Guess she loaded her own ammo this time!

Thanks to all for helping with the targets and to Mike and Corinne for the prizes.

Next shoot is August 29th, mark your calendars and see you then!


Name Score
Bob Bloyer (Round Ball) 22
Jan Herman 22
Chris De Francisci 19
Jim Boring 19
Fred Lewis 19
John Wenchel 18
Corinne Huffman 17
Dwight Hulstick (Round Ball) 15
Own Petras (Round Ball) 15
Skip Fisher 15
Mike Moss 14
Craig Goheen 13