April 16, 2022 Bud Meyer Black Powder Silhouette Shoot


Weather was very nice, warm, and low humidity.  We had 9 shooters who turned out for the match.  We unfortunately had a number of conflicts with other activities that some of our regulars had to attend.  Hope to see them next month.

Three shots into the match, Jan’s mainspring broke, so he and I traded off with my Enfield.  I fired five shots, then he did.  We finished the match with no rounds left, but we both managed to complete our 30 rounds for score.  Jan had to adapt to shooting original Enfield open sights rather than his nice adjustable peep sight which put him at a disadvantage.

Doug Crowe was our one and only Round Ball shooter as well as our flintlock competitor.

It appears that Corinne kept a close eye on Mike while he loaded her ammo this time as she trounced him quite easily.

Scores are below, we had a three way tie for fifth.

Thanks to all for helping with the targets and to Mike and Corinne for the prizes.

Next match is May 15th on our usual Sunday.


Name Score
Chris De Francisci 22
Clint Huffman 20
Corinne Huffman 16
John Wenchel 15
Rob Freeman 14
Jan Herman 10
Mike Moss 10
Craig Goheen 10
Doug Crowe 6