Pro Shop-Getting Ready for the Holidays

SALE! – New Hours
Around the Shop
Pistols and ammo continue to be in demand.  Powder, shot, and primers are still very difficult to get in any quantity.  We have a good assortment of rifles, cleaning supplies, optics, and other accessories. Gunsmithing services are very popular too! Special orders continue to increase! Buy the firearm you’re looking for from us and save a few dollars.  No transfer fee either!
  • Bring us your BULK ORDERS! Let us coordinate with one of eleven distributors we have agreements with. Buying through us saves tax on the bulk purchase, shipping, and pricing that is better than the retail discounts.
  • We are working on an e-commerce portal for members only! Place you order right online.
  • All ammo is currently on sale. Buy 2 or More boxes of shotgun shells and get 15% off, 10% off pistol/rifle ammo when buying 2 or more boxes. We are selling flats of Fetter 12ga. Ammo for $100 (not part of the 15% discount). It’s great for Trap!
New Hours
With Shop traffic being much slower than expected, beginning in November, we are going to change things up a bit.  Please note:
  • November hours will be:
    • Wednesday, 11/9 (6p-8p)
    • Thursday 11/10 (6p-8p)
    • Saturday 11/12 (11a-4p)
    • Sunday 11/13 (11a-2p)
  • In December, we’ll be open:
    • Wednesday, 12/8 (6p-8p)
    • Thursday 12/9 (6p-8p)
    • Saturday 12/10 (11a-4p)
    • Sunday 12/11 (11a-2p)
  • Special Orders, Gunsmithing drop-off and pickup, Consultations, and the like BY APPOINTMENT anytime that’s convenient for you!
  • Firearm transfers and VA background checks BY APPOINTMENT if outside our normal schedule
  • For questions, orders, appointments, please call Craig directly at 571/380-3023 or email at [email protected]