War Rifle Match and Egg Shoot

February 4, 2024 @ 9:00 am – 4:30 pm America/New York Timezone
Lea Valley
Roger Estes

War Rifle:

Essentially a high power silhouette match, except with high power rifles which have been or could have been used in a war, anywhere in the world. Competitors are also allowed to use rifles which can shoot blackpowder, but for the purposes of this match, only smokeless powder will be allowed. Replica rifles may be used as well.
Normally, high power silhouette matches cannot have calibers less than 6mm. Our matches also allow .223/5.56mm to accommodate AR15 rifles. For the purposes of this, War Rifle match, if the competitor can prove the rifle was a genuine war rifle, or replica, though less than .223, the rifle will be allowed to be used. However, rules for obtaining points – that is, the target has to be knocked off the target rack, will be used, not just hitting the target and making a noise, but actually knocking it down.
Rules used will be from the NRA High Power Rifle Silhouette Rules as well as Club Rules of Fairfax Rod & Gun Club.
Distance will be 200 yards. Total match rounds fired will be 40. Time to shoot 10 rounds will be 5 minutes. Position – Standing unsupported. By Rifle silhouette rules, no special clothing will be allowed, such as shooting jacket, shooting gloves, or other specialty equipment. However, since the match is held in winter, dress for the weather.
There will be a briefing to cover various questions that come up in matches so everyone will know what targets to shoot, when.
During this match, at certain various times, there will be 15 minute breaks so that competitors can fire at an egg, also at 200 yards, to win money by breaking the egg. This match will be described in another match request for this same date.
Match practice will be begin at 0900 (9a.m.) hours on Sunday 2/4/24. Match will begin at 1000 hours (10a.m.). Competitors should attempt to arrive before the match begins so all information can be obtained for match purposes.
Information gathered from competitors will be their name, make of their rifle , caliber, and action (bolt, semi-auto, lever, etc.) and if an optic is being used.
Match Entry Fee – $5. Awards – trophies for Match Winner, and winner of each type of rifle. And high optic. Other specialty awards – High Junior, High Senior, High Lady

Egg Shoot:

This Match will be during the War Rifle Match, during designated time between relays of the War Rifle match. Hang a raw egg at 200 yards, from an empty rack which is usually used to place silhouette animals on. Each shot at the egg, in 1 minute, is a $1 fee. Miss the egg, and the dollar goes into a pot. Hit the egg and win all the money in the pot. Begin the match with money from last years match which was not won of $35. Use any rifle, any caliber, 1 shot per $1 fee.
Pistols not allowed.
Position – standing unsupported. No specialty shooting equipment such as restrictive shooting gear (shooting coat, shooting glove, etc) – dress for the weather.