War Rifle Match and Egg Shoot

January 15, 2023 @ 9:00 am – 4:30 pm America/New York Timezone
Lea Valley
Roger Estes

War Rifle Match and Egg Shoot, January 15th, practice at 9, match at 10. Our annual War Rifle match is on again, this time on Jan. 15th. The War Rifle match in general is a 40 shot rifle silhouette match with mostly old rifles, or replica of same. The rules of the rifle is that the rifle would have been a rifle used in some war, some place in the world since smokeless powder. This year, more rifles are allowed, to include rifles or replicas of those which could have been used in the wars in the U.S. against American Indians. Therefore, Spencer Rifles, Henry Rifles, Winchesters, etc., or replicas of those, as well as trapdoor rifles. Basically any rifle from the Civil War era that you can safely shoot smokeless powder in. (The match director realizes that a lot of these were black powder rifles to begin with, but black powder cannot be allowed to the excess smoke on the range, perhaps blocking competitors from a view of their target!) The rifle has to be safe to shoot and the match director and range officers reserve the right to make sure of a rifle’s safety on request. Rules for shooting clothing is no heavy shooting coats allowed, or shooting gloves. Shooters can dress for the weather which is close to the shooting togs, but not actually specific shooting clothes. Shooting will be done at 200 yards, no matter what caliber or kind of rifle is fired. All shooting is standing, unsupported. Fee for this match – $5.
Now, the Egg Shoot: An egg is hung on a string at 200 yards. Competitors can use any rifle, shotgun (slugs only), or pistols. Any cartridge except those not allowed by club rules. Standing unsupported position only. Each shot the competitor fires is $1. If the competitor hits the egg, he/she gets all the money in a pot beside the shooter. A miss, and the pot gets another dollar until someone hits the egg. We will shoot 4 relays of the War Rifle match, then take a break for about 15 mins and shoot at the egg. We will do this each 4 relays. This doesn’t postpone the War Rifle match much.
Both these are wonderfully fun matches. In years past, matches are usually over before 3 p.m., and usually, someone goes home with a broken egg and about $80 more in their pockets!
Roger Estes – Match Director.