Smallbore Lever Action Silhouette Match

November 12, 2023 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm America/New York Timezone
Lea Valley
Roger Estes
(703) 409-0497

I held another match like this one on June 4. This will be the same type of match as that one. This will be a silhouette match using both lever action, iron sighted rifles, or similar rifles as defined in the NRA High Power Rifle Silhouette rules as stated – and also handguns as defined in the NRA Hunter Pistol rules. 40 shots, with each firearm used. 10 shots at each animals used in the silhouette matches – chickens, pigs, turkeys, rams. Time for these shots will be 5 shots in 2mins/30 seconds with a 15 second Ready period. The position will be standing without support. Ammo will be smallbore, standard velocity 22 short/long rifle/or longs: No 22 magnum, no high velocity. Silhouette is a game modeled after shooting animals in the field, not a target type of competition with ‘race’ equipment. Clothing is standard, but no heavy weight target equipment, as stated in the Rifle Rulebook. If it’s cold, clothes matching the wether is allowed.
Specific rifle equipment will be found in Rule 3 in the NRA silhouette rifle rulebook. This rule refers to Smallbore Cowboy Rifle Silhouette. It reads ‘Any lever action, pump, or semi-auto rimfire rifle with a tubular magazine’. (this from this same rulebook).
Handgun rules are much simpler, barrel cannot be longer than 12 inches, We will be using rule 3.1 & 3.2 which defines Hunter Pistol and Smallbore Hunter Pistol.
Both the rifle & pistol use the same targets. The ranges are chickens – 40Yds/M, Pigs – 50 Yds/M, Turkey – 77 Yd/M, Rams – 100 yd/M. Like the Rifle, the position using the pistol is Standing – Unsupported. In the Hunter Pistol Rulebook, Rule 5 shows some acceptable positions of standing for Pistol silhouette.