High Power Silhouette

June 4, 2023 @ 9:00 am – 4:30 pm America/New York Timezone
Lea Valley Range
Roger Estes
Smallbore Pistol & Smallbore Lever Action Match Announcement
On Sunday, June 4, 2023, the usual high power silhouette match will be replaced with a one-time NRA Pistol and Lever-Action Silhouette match, in smallbore.  It has been some time since the last lever action match.  It has been some number of decades since the last NRA pistol silhouette match!   This match is being held in hopes that someone will like it enough to begin running them again at Fairfax Rod & Gun Club.
This will be a smallbore lever action and NRA Pistol Silhouette match.  40 shots for record.  10 shots per animal. Since there are two categories (rifle, pistol), competitors will be allowed to shoot both, (different relay for each firearm, of course).  Entry fee will be the same, $15 whether a competitor shoots one gun or two.  Two guns will require 80 shots, 40 for each gun.  If firing two guns, a competitor will have to fire both the pistol and the rifle.
Smallbore means 22 long rifle, or 22 short, or 22 longs, but not 22 magnum.  Also, no
‘Hot’ rounds like “Stingers” or “Yellowjackets”.  These go too fast and damage the targets.  As I had to borrow half the targets from Cavaliar in Ashland, I would like to stay on the good side of the Rangemaster, Owen Peters there!
For rules in the NRA Pistol check the following link. https://competitions.nra.org/media/7743/nra-pistol-silhouette-rules.pdf…This is all rules for pistol competition in silhouette shooting.  Pay close attention to rule 3.1 & 3.2.  This is the definition of our competition which is “Hunter Pistol” and Smallbore Hunter Pistol.
Easy to remember parts of the rules are that optics are allowed on the pistol.  Barrels can be no longer than 12 inches.  The position is Standing, unsupported.  Rule 5 shows some acceptable positions of standing for Pistol silhouette.
For rules in the lever action part of the match please refer to NRA High Power Silhouette Rifle rule book & the following link.  https://competitions.nra.org/documents/pdf/compete/RuleBooks/Sil-r/sil-r-book.pdf
Specifically, Rule 3 in this book refers to Smallbore Cowboy Rifle Silhouette. This is being used to include a few more rifles.  The rule reads:  Any lever action, pump, or semi-auto rimfire rifle with a tubular magazine.  Ammo is again 22 long rifle, 22 short, or 22 longs, no 22 magnum.  No hot rounds.
Since these matches have not been held for awhile, chances are no one has a classification.  This match will be considered an ‘open’ match – no classifications.  All shooting for open awards.  Match Winner, 2nd place Match, etc.  One award for each 5 competitors pistol, and one for rifle.   Match Winner will be an overall award for both categories, therefore Match Winner will be the aggregate of rifle and pistol.  All other awards will be category awards, (rifle or pistol).  Awards will be the choice of the competitor cash, or trophies or plaque.  Match Winner $25.  Each Category Winner – $20.  Remainder of awards – $15 each.
Even though this is not a classification match, the scores will be sent to the NRA for classification purposes.
Questions contact Roger Estes, [email protected]