CSM(R) John McPhee Stitch M Up Course

August 26, 2023 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm America/New York Timezone
Culver Range
Ed Stawowczyk

Registration link will be posted to the Club’s Educationpage when available.

1-Day Stitch M Up Course

This course is for beginners to advanced shooters.

The 1-Day Stitch M Up (SMU) course is designed to highlight and fix any fundamental and or what I call mechanical issues. In this course we work stance, grip, presentation and eye dominance. The absolute building blocks of shooting.

We will focus on 3 shots, individually placed or what I would call, defensive. While conducting the Stitch M Up drill I will show you my personal techniques. How efficiency and physics will always be faster and more accurate.

We will utilize advanced technology to fix and or diagnose your habits. We will break every movement and or action down into small digestible pieces. Look at every small action and decide what is needed and what is the best. Then rebuild block by block, while cleaning all habits and techniques. We will close out with the same drill, shot more accurate and faster all in less than 100 rounds. You will leave with tailored personalized instruction that bests fits your shooting style.

Practice doesn’t make perfect, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect. 





The Draw


Atomic Pie chart

Eye Dominance

Stitch M Up

  • 2 to body, 1 to head.




2 mags

Belt mounted mag pouch

Eye protection

Ear protection

Notebook + Paper