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IDPA Matches are held at the Club the second Saturday of every month, April thru October*. Match is an AM or PM squad format. Typically 5 stages, around 100 rounds. Match announcements are generally posted about 3 weeks before the match. We use PractiScore for registration and scoring. Matches are not marked public on the PractiScore web site. See below for the current match announcement and registration link. Once you register you will receive approval to squad based on the following priority order: Staff and Safety Officers, FXRGC Members, IDPA Members, and then everyone else. All IDPA matches are open to the public.

To be placed on the IDPA email list, click on the "Apply for an account" link at the bottom of this page. You do not need to be a Club member. Check the "IDPA Shooters" box under email lists. You will receive all future match announcements. 

* NOTICE - October Match Date Change

Due to a date conflict with the Potomac Grail Sanctioned Match in October, we are moving the October 13th Club Match to October 6th. 


We're working up a plan to get a local Boy Scout Troop to come and provide cookout style lunches at our IDPA matches for the rest of the season (Aug-Oct). We are still working out all the details, so we would really like you to take this quick survey so that we can get an idea of demand. 


If you shoot IDPA with us at the Club, please take a few minutes to fill out the survey. Its only 5 quick questions. Thanks!


July Match Annoucement

Registration is open for the July 14th IDPA Match at the Fairfax Rod and Gun Club.  

After registering, we will approve shooters in order to squad based on: 1) staff, 2) FRGC members, 3) IDPA members 4) everyone else.  Registration will close on July 7th.

This will be our Big Bore match!  All IDPA legal divisions and gear are welcome, but anyone shooting a .40, .44 or .45 is encouraged to register for "Team Big Bore" and also compete against like calibers.

The link to register is: https://practiscore.com/fxrgc-2018-july-match/register

***When registering, "MA" means Master, "MM" is Marksman.***    


Time: AM shooters will check in from 0745-0815 and compete until 1230.  PM shooters will check in from 1115-1145 and compete until 1600.  

Location: Check in and mandatory safety brief for both AM & PM will be held on the Culver Range.

Course of Fire: Five stages (100 rounds) - Bring 200 rounds and a concealment garment.   

Cost: $20

Notes: Keep all weapons cased until directed to uncase AFTER the safety briefing. 



June Match Results

Apparently doing the Rain Dance in reverse was just the trick to make the weather hold out.   

We had a great response to beginning the match with the “5 at 5” stage and plan to continue using that format in coming matches.  The great thing about it is that it is a repeatable drill and allows each of us to track our performance from match to match.  For now, our club record holders are (all Down Zero):

1st- Pedro Chin, 2.6 seconds

2nd- Daniel Monahan, 2.69 seconds

3rd- David Altenburg, 2.81 seconds

Overall, most accurate for the match was W.G. Haskins, who went Down Zero for the entire match while posting a very fast time!

The complete scores can be found at: https://practiscore.com/results/new/a6ecd142-5346-42a5-813d-a1fc9399d4fb

As usual, please let us know if there are any discrepancies.

Our July match announcement will be out in in about two weeks - don’t forget that it will be our Big Bore match.  All IDPA legal guns will be in their usual divisions and classifications, but anyone shooting a .40, .44 or .45 will be additionally scored on “Team Big Bore” to celebrate our Nation’s Independence.  Check the Team Flag when you register. 

We will also be shooting our first competitor-designed stage in July, with a winner to be named shortly.  Please keep those stages coming in!

Load and Make Ready,

Adam and Tony


May Match Results

Congratulations to our heroes and villains of the Galaxy!  We hope everyone enjoyed our theme match. Medals of Valor go out to the following shooters for their performance on the Cantina stage:

1st - Stephen Rolando
2nd - Pedro Chin
3rd - Daniel Monahan

And too many went Down Zero at the Cantina to list! 

Overall, most accurate for the match was Allen Sams - 1 point down overall!

The complete scores can be found at: https://practiscore.com/results/new/88188965-3805-48a0-b363-c766bc9cc8f9

As usual, please let us know if there are any discrepancies.

As we discussed at the briefing, please see the following links regarding voter registration for your state of residence and take action if you chose:

Virginia: https://vote.elections.virginia.gov/Registration/Eligibility
Maryland: https://voterservices.elections.maryland.gov/OnlineVoterRegistration/InstructionsStep1
District of Columbia: https://www.vote4dc.com/ApplyInstructions/Register
West Virginia: https://ovr.sos.wv.gov/Register/Landing#Qualifications
South Carolina: https://info.scvotes.sc.gov/eng/ovr/start.aspx

If we missed anyone's state of residence, please contact Adam directly and he'll get you to the right webpage.

Our June match announcement will be out in in about a week- looking forward to seeing everyone there.


Classification scores from the April Classifier have been posted to IDPA.COM. You can see your classification once you log into your IDPA account.


April Match Results

Great spring weather and near perfect conditions greeted 103 competitors on Saturday the 14that the April IDPA Match, conducted on the Culver and Porasky Ranges.  The first Action Pistol match of 2018 was the largest ever conducted at Fairfax Rod and Gun Club.  In morning and afternoon squads, shooters completed 4 stages and discharged between 80 and 100 rounds each over the entire event.  This translates to over 9,000 rounds fired with Safety, Competition, and Fun as the driving guidance.

Here’s the top shooters for the day.  Match Champions by Division were:

Stock Service Pistol

Matt Burnette

Custom Defensive Pistol

Matt Renz

Compact Carry Pistol

Ryan Clements

Enhanced Service Pistol

Darryl Swiggett


Gregory Krause

Backup Gun

Greg Hines

Carry Optics

Harold Tanks

Most Accurate Overall was Miguel Leontiev, who was down 1 point all day!  That’s some serious accurate shooting!

Specific thanks go to Rob Cavaleri for helping with Friday set-up; Matt Renz and Rex Gile for running check-in; and all our regular Safety Officers and our new to Fairfax Rod and Gun IDPA Safety Officers, Pedro, Alton, Jim and Brett.  A huge thanks to all 103 of our shooters who were safe and made the day enjoyable for all.

The next IDPA matches at the club are May 12thand June 9th.  Sign up priority goes to FXRGC members first, then IDPA members, then non-affiliated shooters.  Remember that you can come shoot with what you have.  IDPA concentrates on off-the-shelf gear.  If you’ve been taking a break from IDPA, please join us next month!   Matches do fill up, so register early when the window opens at http://fxrgc.org/index.cfm?section=16&pagenum=240.  If you’re new to IDPA or just interested, come out and observe a match to see what it is all about, no registration required! 

Full match results can be found at: https://practiscore.com/results/new/cd63e7e6-5c65-4f3d-97ab-e2b14d97a2d5


2017 FRGC IDPA Season Award Winners:

Best Volunteer: Doug Marshall   

Best SO: Tony Moller

Ironman: J. Pat Glenn

Coolest Gun: Rex Giles


Load and Make Ready!

Adam & Tony 



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