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IDPA Matches are held at the Club [generally] the second Saturday of every month, April thru October, plus December. Match is an AM or PM squad format. Typically 5 stages, around 100 rounds. Match announcements are generally posted about 2 weeks before the match. We use PractiScore for registration and scoring. Matches are not marked public on the PractiScore web site. See below for the current match announcement and registration link. Once you register you will receive approval to squad based on the following priority order: Staff and Safety Officers, FXRGC Members, IDPA Members, and then everyone else. All IDPA matches are open to the public.

To be placed on the IDPA email list, click on the "Apply for an account" link at the bottom of this page. You do not need to be a Club member. Check the "IDPA Shooters" box under email lists. You will receive all future match announcements. 


2019 Match Dates

March 9 (SO Only Match)

March 23 (Classifier)

April 13

May 18

June 8

July 20

August 10

August 24 (IDPA Fun Festival Day)

September 14

October 12

December 14 




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