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Match Directors
Adam Metcalf

Tony Moller


2017 FRGC IDPA Award Winners:

Best Volunteer: Doug Marshall   

Best SO: Tony Moller

Ironman: J. Pat Glenn

Coolest Gun: Rex Giles



New Year's Message:

We hope you have all been having a great holiday season.  To start the new year, we wanted to pass on some dates and information about the upcoming 2018 IDPA season at Fairfax Rod and Gun Club:

* March 10th, SO Training Match- this match is not open at the public.  SOs will be contacted directly to sign up.

* March 10th, New Shooter Orientation- information on this event will be sent out in February.

* April 14th, 1st Field Match- information on this match will be sent out in March.  Unlike previous years, we will begin the season with a real match instead of a classifier!

* April 28th, 1st Classifier- this is the first of three classifiers that we will hold in April, June and August on the 4th Saturday of the month.  We do not anticipate being able to accommodate everyone at any one classifier, so plan on attending any one of the three during the year. 


How has your homework been going?  Have you taken someone new to the range since our last match?  Have you taken a shooting-related class to improve your skills and give you something to share with the rest of us?  To that end, many of you have signed up for a local Safety Officer class.  For those of you who are still interested, please see the information below:

* January 14th, SO Class at Thurmont.


* February 4th, SO class at NRA Range. (Classroom will be at NRA HQ, range session will likely be at FXRGC that afternoon. More information is expected to be sent to participants sometime next week.)



Happy New Year to all of you and your families.  The new season is only a couple of months away!

-Adam and Tony








































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