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Fairfax Rod & Gun Club's Continuing Education Program Presents - Fishing Lake Cotting Clinic

Want to catch a Monster Bass but just don't know how to begin? Well, you're in luck.

Come join our Resident Fishing Expert, Russ Pelletier, to learn about everything you wanted to know about fishing but were afraid to ask.

The course will be held on September 24, 2016 in the Club House from 10:30 am to noon. Russ will discuss the various types of equipment that you should have, what kinds of fish are in the Lake, and probably tell a few fish stories (all true).

This clinic is open to all members and their guests, and there is no cost.

Hope to see you there!

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New Silhouette Record established

May 10th, 2016 -  A note from Match Director Roger Estes, regarding the Smallbore Silhouette Match this weekend:

"Kelly Engel fired a long run on pigs of 37, not 22. I discussed this with Greg Connor. Mr. Connor is the head of the NRA Silhouette Department. He advised me on the rule. So, congratulations to Miss Engel for outshooting the last Fairfax Rod & Gun Club long run by 14 pigs! In case anyone would like to know: Mr. Connor advised me that for ladies, the national record for smallbore pigs is 55. Therefore a longrun of 56 will get a new national record. So, if a lady shoots 15 straight, then, think of it, only 41 more to go!! Our July match, a State Championship, is an NRA registered match. That national record could be broken in that match."

Congratulations to Kelly Engel for being our new long run champion in pigs for Fairfax Rod & Gun Club!


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Bowling Pin Tournaments resume in April

April 10, 2016, the Bowling Pin Match begins again!  Join us on the second Sunday of each month from April thru September 2016.  We will again be shooting pistols at the Sieger range from 9am until Noon.  The course is the same as last year.  Shoot at six real bowling pins at 7 yards with a maximum of 10 shots. Then shoot at six bowling pin shaped steel plates at 15 yards with a maximum of 10 shots.  It is $5 per round, with a round being the six real pins and the six steel pins.  Sign up at the check in table for your shooting slot.


This is a fun shoot.  We take your time on each round, plus a 3 second penalty for pins left standing or left on the table.  The clock runs until you shoot all six pins down or you shoot your 10 rounds.

Lowest time for each category wins a free round at the next scheduled Bowling Pin Match. 

Separate divisions for Men, Women and Junior's.  Any non-magnum hand gun round can be used, semi-auto or revolver.


Come on down, bring family and friends


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Signal Hill Supply on Facebook

January 21st, 2016 - Hello members - The Pro Shop now has a Facebook page, which will help keep you informed when varying items arrive in the shop. If you are a Facebook user, click on the link below, and 'like' the page. You'll then be kept up-to-date with the various supply levels in the Pro Shop. 

Signal Hill Supply

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Special Use Permits!

May 9th, 2013 - Special Use Permits are now online - as either a downloadable hard copy, which may be filled out and mailed to the club; or as an electronically submitted form here on the website. The hard copy form is located in the Document Library, in the folder titled "Member Forms". The eForm is located by navigating to the bottom of the Members tab, on the upper right hand side of the menu bar.

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Highpower Rifle Matches

 January 13th, 2011 - Highpower Rifle matches & clinics are held throughout the year at the club. Many of these are open to non members, or active competitors needing to qualify. Please check the calendar for upcoming matches, or contact our Rifle & Pistol Chairman for more information.

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Bowling Pin shoot video

fairfax rod & gun club January 13th, 2011 - A short YouTube video of a Bowling Pin Shoot from August 8th.


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