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60 shot prone match, Nov 17, 2019


This match is open to club members and the public.


There will be a 15 minute preparation/sighting in period, followed by 1 hr 15 min for 60 record shots. The C2, 300M reduced for 200yd target will be used.


The announcement is here.


This is a fun and extremely challenging match.  Bring your best gun and ammo and have a blast!


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September Club Bulletin Available

The September 2019 Club bulletin is available for download here

The Bulletin Archive is available here 

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AR-15 Level 2 Class October 2019 Registration

By popular demand an “advanced” version (Level 2) of the FXRGC AR Basics has been developed. Building off the basic fundamentals and principals taught in the Level 1 class, students will now have the opportunity to learn the following:

  • Sling assisted shooting
  • Transitioning to and support hand shooting
  • Shooting with the aid of barricades and cover
  • Understanding and employing optic offset
  • Transitioning to a sidearm
  • Reloads

By using the Bowl at Culver, each bay will be set up to emphasize a certain skill and the students will employ said skill to negotiate the course of fire. As always safety will be paramount and careful consideration will be paid to location of targets/berm areas. There will be NO moving while simultaneously shooting and this class will focus on smoothness/consistency over speed. 

Students are required to have the following minimum gear:

  • Basic range safety equipment (eyes and ears (electronic helpful))
  • Basic clothing for the weather (we will be outdoor on Culver for the range session)
  • 200-300 rounds of commercial manufacture .223 Remington or 5.56 mm NATO ammunition
  • Functional AR-15 pattern rifle, including:
    • chambered in .223 Remington or 5.56 NATO only
    • iron sights or optic (red dot or 1-x magnified scope)
    • rifle sling: 2-point or 1-point sling only; no 'parade' slings
    • 3-4 20 or 30 round magazines
    • 1-2 magazine carriers (belt or chest, optional)
  • Functional Pistol, including:
    • Strong Side Outside Waistband (OWB) Holster
    • 50-100 rounds of pistol ammunition
  • Water, snacks, bag lunch

Class Prerequisite: You must have either attended the FXRGC Level 1 AR Class, or be current/former military or law enforcement. Registering for the class via the form below does not guarantee you a slot in the class. All applications will be reviewed and you will be notified appon acceptance into the class. 

Class will be conducted on October 13, 2019, from 9 am to 5 pm. Class is open to Club members and their guests. Club members will get priority over guests. Class will be held rain or shine. Cost for the class is $50 and covers Club fees, consumables, staff, and RSO support. There is no classroom portion for this class - range time only. 

Course is sponsored by the Club Education Committee. 

Please direct any questions regarding the course to Tony Moller at tony@aroooo.com

Fill out the form here to register

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FXRGC Fall Festival Nov 10

Planning for the Fall Festival has begun! See the flyer here: Fall_Festival_2019.pdf

For More Information or to Volunteer Please E-Mail or Call:

Lesley Ivanjack * wivanjack@msn.com * 703-618-0406

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August Club Bulletin Available

The August 2019 Club bulletin is available for download here

The Bulletin Archive is available here 

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NOVEC HELPS and Fairfax Rod and Gun

Sporting Clays Benefit Fundraiser

October 26, 2019

Registration starts at 1pm

Shoot starts at 2pm

Entry Fee $40.00

Youth (16 and under) $20.00

25 Trap, 25 Skeet, 25 Sporting Clays

No Pre-Payment Required

Walk-Ins will be accepted the day of the event Food will be available

Contact: Bernie at 703-577-2171 or Pre-Register at NovecHelpsSportingclays@novec.com

All Proceeds Go Back To the Community

Flyer can be downloaded here.


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May Club Bulletin Available

The May 2019 Club bulletin is available for download here

The Bulletin Archive is available here

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FR&GC T-shirts, golf shirts, and vests are now available for sale

FR&GC T-shirts, golf shirts, and vests are now available for sale. Part of every purchase supports the Club's Williams Education Fund. Please see here for the order form and instructions!

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