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High Power Rifle Clinic, October 7th

Fairfax Rod & Gun Club will host a High Power Service Rifle Clinic on Saturday Oct. 7, 2017. The clinic will begin in the morning at the clubhouse with registration and class room instruction followed by live fire in the afternoon on the Benson range. The fee is $10. All live fire participants must be 12 or older and able to pull target carriers for one relay of target marking.

Rifles and ammo WILL NOT be provided. We recommend 60rds of ammo for the live fire range session.

Alex Arietta, USMC (Retired), former Marine Rifle Team shooter, past national champion, will provide classroom instruction and will be the head coach for the live fire phase.

Each participant will learn the high power rifle course of fire, safety aspects, details regarding equipment for high power shooting and one-on-one coaching during the live fire session. Class size is limited to 25, you must sign up in advance. To sign up, send an e-mail to High Power match director, Dan Gray, dtgray@verizon.net. Deadline for sign up is Oct. 5.

Additional details will be sent to those who register.

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Top Gun Challenge has begun!

August 26th, 2017 - The 2017 Top Gun Challenge (TGC) has begun!

TGC rewards mastery of four types of military rifles: AR15, M14/M1a, M1, and 1903 Springfield each year in August, September, October, and November respectively.

The first match (AR15) of the 2017 TGC was fired on Aug 19. Mr Jack McKinney, club member and long time HP shooter was the winner with a near perfect score of 497-21X out of a possible score of 500-50X.

Jack holds a NRA Master classification and has participated numerous times with the Virginia Rifle Team at the National Matches, where he contributed to several national level team wins. He is also a multiple winner of the Presidents 100 honors and is a CMP Distinguished Rifleman.

Congratulations to Jack on an outstanding performance!

TGC is but one of the offerings in the high power program. Spring League (March/April), is an NRA sanctioned 4 match series. NRA sanctioning allows the shooters to earn or advance an NRA classification. Monthly (Jan/Feb/April/May/Jun/Jul/Dec), non NRA sanctioned matches are also fired.

All matches consist of an NRA or CMP course of fire from four positions: standing, sitting rapid fire, prone rapid fire, and prone slow fire. In all club sponsored High Power matches shooters need not be a club member to participate. Nor do they need to be an NRA or state association member, although membership is highly encouraged. Tell your family and friends.

For more info on the high power program contact the match director, Dan Gray, dtgray@verizon.net.

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Shotgun Fields Extended Hours

July 17th, 2017 - The Shotgun Fields will open at 0900 instead of 1000 for these weekends:

15-16 July, 29-30 July, 5-6 Aug, and 19-20 Aug.


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2017 Rifle & Pistol Calendar

December 26th, 2016 - Rifle & Pistol Chairman, Mr. Gary Jeter has been hard at work entering all of the various rifle & pistol events for the upcoming 2017 year. If you are a Club member, you may view the calendar from time to time to see free/open ranges for use before making a trip out to the Club, or to scan for the events you wish to enter.

If you are a Match Director, you should check the calendar to ensure that your events have been correctly scheduled with regards to dates, times, & locations. 

The form linked below, will allow a member to use the website to send the R&P Chairman a request to schedule an event on a range at the Club. Once the form is completed, and the 'submit' button clicked, it sends a preformatted email to Gary. He will then schedule previously approved events, or request approval for new events from the Board of Directors.

Rifle & Pistol Event Schedule Request

Club Events Calendar


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Special Use Permits!

May 9th, 2013 - Special Use Permits are now online - as either a downloadable hard copy, which may be filled out and mailed to the club; or as an electronically submitted form here on the website. The hard copy form is located in the Document Library, in the folder titled "Member Forms". The eForm is located by navigating to the bottom of the Members tab, on the upper right hand side of the menu bar.

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