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Lea - Ram Bash. August, Saturday 24.
Contact: Dwight Hlustick -- 703-307-2820
Added By: Gary Jeter
Date/Time: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Lea Valley
7039 Signal Hill Rd.
VA 20111
(703) 368-6333

Ram Bash
Match Director's name: Dwight Hlustick
Match Director's Contact Phone: 703-307-2820
Match Director's Contact email address: dhlustick@aol.com
Match is Open to the general public
Fourth Saturday of the month, January through November 2019
Match Start Time: 9:00 AM
Match End Time: 1:00 PM
Range: Lea Valley Range
Ammunition Restrictions:
Fixed cartridges of 32 caliber or larger with a cast or swaged LEAD bullet propelled by any safe smokeless powder, blackpowder, Pyrodex or duplex charge may be used. No Jacketed Bullets allowed.
Match Fee: $15.00
Course of fire: 40 shot match. Additional ammo needed for practice and shot-off of ties.
Governing Rule Set:
Any Rifle (except Scheutzen or Bolt Action) designed and chambered for Blackpowder metallic cartridge or typical reproduction thereof. Metallic sights, vernier or ladder or reproduction thereof that is typical of the time period. Receiver sights are allowed on lever action rifles. No fiber optic sights, slings, tube sights or thumb holes allowed. Each competitor will be required to help score, spot and paint targets for other shooters. Instructions in performing these tasks will be given to all competitors
Sanctioning Info: Fun Match
Inclement Weather Policy:
Matches shot rain or shine. Covered firing line. Contact Match Director in the event of inclement weather. Match may be cancelled if roads are impassable, any cancellation will be sent by Email


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