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Benson - prone rifle match. March, Saturday 25.
Contact: Denise Loring -- 703-986-9776
Added By: Gary Jeter
Date/Time: 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM
7039 Signal Hill Rd.
VA 20111
(703) 368-6333

Fairfax Rod & Gun Club, Inc.
300M Prone Match
Date/Time: Saturday, 25 March, 2017, first round down range at 9:00am. Registration will open at 8:00am with squadding at 8:30am, pits will seal at 8:45am.
Location: Fairfax Rod & Gun Club – Benson Range.  Access to the lower range through the gates requires an access code. That code will be provided to non club competitors upon confirmation they will be attending the match.
Eligibility: Open to club members and the public
Rules: ISSF rules will be in effect for conduct of the match, however equipment control will not be conducted. Bold action rifles with iron sights are preferred for this match as in keeping with ISSF rules for rifle. Palma rifles are accepted. No rifle over .30 caliber will be shot for this competition.
Fees: A $10. Fee will be charged to cover targets and pit supplies.
Awards: This is a non-sanctioned “fun match”. We are testing the format to gage future matches for 300M reduced targets at the club.
Target: The C2, 300M reduced for 200yd target will be used. This is an ISSF legal target for 300M course of fire.
Relays: We will run this match in two relays with scoring in the pit. Competitors will be squadded two per firing point and can determine firing order at the time of squadding.
Course of Fire: This match will be 60 shots in the prone position with unlimited sighters. We will have a 15 minute preparations/sighting in period, followed by 1 hr 15 min for the 60 record shots on paper targets. One target for sighters/Record targets will be changed out every 10 shots. This is in accordance with ISSF rules for the match. The scorer and competitor will verify results and sign the score card.
·         Ear and Eye protection is required at FR&GC for all competitors and any spectators under the pavilion behind the firing line.
·         Obey all speed limit signs on club property
·         Bring stapler for target changes in the pit
·         There is no governing body for classification in 300M
·         Bring any water/snacks needed to be on the range for about 3 hours
·         Porta-Potty facilities are available at the firing line and in the pit
Contact Info Match Director: Denise Loring, loringpa02@yahoo.com, 703-986-9776.
300M 60-shot Prone Match
Match Director's name: Denise Loring
Match Director's Contact Phone: 703-986-9776
Match Director's Contact email address: loringpa02@yahoo.com
Match is Open to the general public
Date: Saturday, 25 March 2017
Match Start Time: 9:00am
Match End Time: 1:30pm
Benson Range
Ammunition Restrictions: nothing above .30cal
Match Fee: $10.00
Course of fire: Unlimited sighters, followed by 60 shots prone
Governing Rule Set: ISSF - Fun Match
Sanctioning Info: Fun match
Inclement Weather Policy: Match will be cancelled for heavy rain or snow.


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