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Clubhouse - air pistol. March, Friday 10.
Contact: George Harris -- 703-680-1067
Added By: Gary Jeter
Date/Time: 4:30 PM - 9:00 PM
7039 Signal Hill Rd.
VA 20111
(703) 368-6333

Fairfax Rod & Gun Club, Inc.
2016 and 2017 NRA Approved Air Pistol & Free Pistol* Tournaments
Dates:         *November 11&12, 2016,*December 9&10, 2016,*January 13&14, 2017,
*February 10&11, 2017,(sectional)* March 10&11, 2017.  (*weather permitting, 40 degrees or higher)
Location:  Club House & Walsh range
 Fairfax Rod & Gun Club, Inc., 7039 Signal Hill Road, Manassas, VA 20111-4212
Eligibility: Open to all wishing to compete.  Fairfax Rod & Gun Club or NRA membership not required.
Rules:         NRA International Pistol Rules (current edition) govern. 
Positions: 4 relays air pistol (36 spots) 18 Friday, 18 Saturday
1 relay 28 points free pistol.  Advanced reservations strongly recommended.
Awards:     none in order to keep fees low (except in sectional)
Time:           Friday Air relays at; 4:30 & 7:30 PM
Saturday Air Relays at: 7:30 & 9:30 AM
Saturday Free pistol at: 12:30 (weather permitting)
Course of Fire:
10 Minute preparation period  (dry-firing only)
-      15 Minute sighting period (unlimited number of sighting shots allowed)
-      4 Record Firing Periods
o   22 1/2 minutes each and 15 shots fired in each period for a total of 60 shots.
o    3 B-40 targets will be posted for the sighting period and for each of the record firing periods.  Five shots will be fired at each record firing period target for a total of 15 shots.
Free Pistol
10 min prep
17 min sight in period
6 record firing periods
·         17 minutes each and 10 shots fired in each period for a total of 60 shots
·         B-19 targets and centers will be used.

Fees:           $5.00 per event plus a $5 registration fee.  Total $10 or $15. Checks payable to; FAIRFAX ROD & GUN.
                        (Fees higher for the sectional)
Misc:            Eye and ear protection mandatory for competitors AND spectators on the range.
                        Obey all speed limit signs on club property.
Bring a stapler or pins for target posting/repair.
Initial NRA air pistol or free pistol classifications are earned after 120 shots in NRA sanctioned air pistol / free pistol matches. 
Classification upgrades after 240 shots in current classification.
AMMO - .177 caliber pellets only Air Pistol
            .22 Long Rifle ammunition for Free Pistol
Air pistol NRA Rule 3.7
Free Pistol NRA Rule 3.6 (normal clip fed semi-automatics or revolvers are also permitted)
Info:                          George Harris 703-680-1067 email: handlebargbh@verizon.net
IMPORTANT:  The door between the Pro Shop and the ballroom as well as the ballroom door leading directly to the outside in back will be secured during the match because we will be posting targets on the stands along the wall.  That places the doors in the line of fire.
There will be new procedures for entering the club grounds and moving to the free pistol range.  NOTE: if the gate is open, drive in. If the gate is down, enter “the code” on the key pad for access.The code changes and will be sent out before each match week end.
This should allow you access through the main gate and to the pistol range for free pistol. On the way out simply drive up to the gate and it should open to permit you to leave.


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